How To Store Your Tea to Keep Them Fresh for Long?

Tea has already long shelf-life. You can store it for years and it will still have that amazing palate. However, storing the tea properly is crucial to ensure its forever shelf-life or at least longer. Here are some of the effective ways in keeping your loose tea fresh.

Tips on Storing Loose Tea


Exposing your tea to air will allow tea leaves to absorb moisture and aroma. It is not the best way to store your tea. Due to air, it continues the process of oxidation that will lead to a stale and bland taste. It is ideal to store your tea in an airtight container. 


Loose tea is best kept dry. To protect tea leaves from losing their flavour, make sure that no moisture gets in your container. Additionally, moisture causes moulds. Thus, avoid storing teas in damp areas. 


Light causes chemical damage. Light can cause an unpleasant metallic palate that completely changes the taste of your tea. Keep your tea in someplace where there are no light leaks. 


Tea leaves are porous and after long periods of time, they will absorb the aroma around where it is being stored. If the smell is altered so is the taste. This problem arises when you store your tea inside a cupboard where your spices, herbs, and coffee are also stored Thus, keep it away from condiments with a poignant smell. 

Hot Temperature

The temperature often triggers speeding up the oxidation process. Such a process is not good if you want your loose tea fresh and aromatic. So, store the tea around cool areas. If you have green and yellow tea blends, putting them in the fridge will help keep their delicate taste. 


It is always ideal to consume your tea upon purchasing. However, no one can really drink that much in a matter of days. You can opt for teas that have longer fresh life or consume it as soon as you can. Loose tea can be stored for one to two years. However, that doesn’t mean for you to prolong the time of drinking them. 

Loose Tea Storage Solutions

Air Tight Jar – An opaque airtight jar is a sure solution that will keep your tea fresh at every sip. 

Air Tight Bag – There are teas that come in airtight bags. It is best to keep them there to make sure they stay fresh and will also help you save storage space. 

Wooden Tea Box – Wooden boxes are an ideal storage area in style. Just make sure they are airtight and doesn’t have any smell. 

Metal Case – Metal cases are resilient and effective solutions in protecting the freshness of your loose tea. 

Flask – The flask is best for temporary storage if you haven’t bought any airtight containers yet. 

Teas are best-consumed fresh and aromatic. Teas can last up to two years on your shelf as long as you know how to properly store them to keep them in pristine condition. If you want to enjoy that aromatic tea palate everytime you do so, look for containers that will serve the purpose well and look for areas that will not damage your teas’ freshness and aromatic quality.